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curvygirls_mods's Journal

mods of the 'curvygirls' community
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This is a closed community for moderators of curvygirls. New mods, please read this post.

--- rules for moderating ---

1.) Check this community before doing any moderating, since there may be a post in discussion.
2.) Approve posts in the order they were submitted! I repeat, DO NOT approve posts out of order!!! Look at the time posted and approve them in that order. The only exception to this is if a post is in discussion in the community. You may post your question here and then go ahead and approve the good ones, but POST HERE FIRST and try to leave enough time for response before approving the others.
3.) When rejecting a post, ALWAYS post the original post (under a cut) and your response (not under a cut), and include the poster's name. ((here's an example; the template is below))
4.) Read the rules every now and then to make sure you've got a clear idea on what to approve and reject.
5.) Post any questions here and respond to all posts here that ask a question of us. Feedback is essential among the mods, we need to be a unit.
--- . ---

template for rejecting posts:

curvygirls are beautiful.
(to use a curvygirls colorbar, click here for easy codes.)
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